Stress Management

The winter months in nature are focused on a conservation of energy and like nature pushing ourselves too hard physically will only leave us tired, unwell and prone to injury at this time of year, if we are not careful.
Working In and being outdoors in winter is crucial to our physical health so this month’s exercise focuses on bringing energy or Chi back into the body. Try this exercise each day in the morning for an instant burst of uplifting energy. We love defying the winter chill and getting out barefoot in our garden as the sun rises to perform this simple pattern, giving us a reall boost of energy and vitality!

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Adrian enjoying his practice on the beach in Sardinia last year 🙂

  • Stand with your rams raised straight out in front of you
  • Inhale and bring your hands back in towards your body
  • Exhale and push your arms straight out with the intent of projecting energy from your core out of your arms and hands
  • Repeat, pushing to the centre, front left, front right and back left and back right
  • As you push to the sides and back, keep your feet planted and turn your body towards the direction you are pushing
  • For the back position, only go as far as you can comfortably. Do not over rotate your spine.The motion through the rib cage massages the organs of digestion



Staying Focused When Your World Comes Crashing Down…

Life throws some curve balls at you doesn’t it? Just when you think life is plain sailing and things are feeling effortless something pops up to slap you in the face and reminds you not to get complacent! I read a great quote that went something like this: “What defines us is how well we rise after falling”.So what do you do when life gets really stressful, you know that kind of stress that makes you want to eat lots of sugary foods, open that second bottle of wine or slob in front of the sofa for the whole weekend? The kind of stress that makes life look hopeless and leaves you feeling like the victim of a very bad situation!









Image supplied by Alena Navarro- Whyte
Well Adrian and I were certainly tested to the max this last couple of weeks (and it’s not over yet!). Whilst Adrian was miles away on a course we had a huge flood at our clinic. It was incredible and humbling to witness the sheer power of Mother Nature. The water started on the third floor and managed to bring down the ceiling on the second (in our beautiful gym) flooding the treatment room too and washing down into the shop below! Thank God for the amazing Fire Crew and local business owners who supported a flapping teary eyed female (ME) who didn’t have a clue what to do!


In the aftermath of the clear up Adrian and I have had to regroup and really evaluate the messages in this painful experience so we thought why not share it with you too, perhaps there are some life lessons that will help you feel better supported during your stressful times x in the mean time stay tuned for our new look gym and our re-launch coming soon!

Tip1 – Stick to your Core Values

Do you know what your core values are? Most people have no idea because they have never been taught or guided as to how to define them. At PBB we do this as one of the first coaching sessions with our clients. Getting clear on what values are important to you both in self and others helps you stay true to your needs and wants during even the stickiest of situations.For example at PBB honesty, integrity and compassion are 3 of our core values. So when the pipe burst in the upstairs treatment room flooding the clinic we were certainly tested on these values. Did we look for blame or try to hide behind someone else’s responsibility? Did we hide from the truth in order to save face? No! Because truly none of that mattered, no one was hurt and everything can be repaired in time.

Tip2 – Change Perspective

How you to choose to look at a stressful situation is key to the experience you have and the outcome that prevails. Now I am not for one minute saying this will be easy but let me give you an example.
Let’s say a loved one gets taken into hospital, they are unwell and naturally you are panicking, thinking the worst and worrying about how you will cope if they don’t pull through.
How about if you decide to change your perspective? You look at this as an opportunity to get educated on how you can support the improvement of your loved ones health, you decide to spend more quality time with them and plan the trips and outings you haven’t made time for in the past, you use the opportunity to truly connect with that person sharing how you really feel!

Tip3 – Be Grateful

This is a biggy and may take some thinking outside of the box. Let’s bear in mind that this universe is much bigger than just you and I, that there is energy out there that is more than just the energy we have in our own relatively small circle of existence.
So what if this horribly stressful experience you are going through is there to teach you something bigger than you can see or feel right now? What if this experience guides you down a path that would otherwise never have presented itself to you?
You often hear about people who rise above incredible adversity to do outstanding things. People who survive things like the Tsunami in Sri Lanka, the bombings in London or the Twin Towers in New York. These are extreme examples but think of the inspiration and connection these people bring to the greater community.
Even if you are struggling to see the good in the moment being grateful for the good that will come is an incredibly powerful way of moving from Victim to Conqueror!
Stress management is one of the foundational aspects of achieving optimal health; remember you don’t have to do everything on your own. If you are looking for support simply pick up the phone and book in for a free consult. 01242 254662