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De Stress Naturally with out Top 3 Holistic Tips


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1. Just breathe!

In our Free Stress Talks we take people through this little exercise, give it a go now. Breathe in fully, and then breathe out, expelling every last bit of breath from your lungs. Now hold your breath for as long as possible. How do you feel? Anxious, dizzy? What happens to your body? Does it go tense, stiff, do your shoulders move up towards your ears? Okay you can breathe in now! In just a few seconds you can start to feel how faulty breathing patterns can create both emotional and physical stress. Most of us do NOT breathe correctly, most of us do not breathe fully. When you shallow breathe your brain and body becomes oxygen deficient which will naturally impair physical and psychological function! When we are stressed out we automatically move into this breathing pattern, compounding the problem. Remember if you are stressed out physically those adrenal glands will be realising stress hormones. Excess stress hormones = decreased sex hormones, that means low sex drive, infertility and menstrual irregularities.

TIP: Before getting out of bed in the morning, sit up and try this simple breathing technique. Breathe in, fully expanding into your belly, pushing your belly out. Breathe out, pulling the belly button in. Repeat. Work your way up to 50 repetitions. It is incredibly energising and calming!

2. Cut the C.R.A.P

How many meals a day are accompanied by fruits and vegetables? How many packages goods do you eat in a day? Do you eat more white flour, bread and cake products than whole grain? In our free Stress Talk we discuss how the food you choose to eat literally make up the body you see each day in the mirror and the energy and mental focus you have to enjoy each day. Anything which is not a whole food, such as fruit, veggies, meat, fish, dairy, raw nuts and seeds and quality fats such as butter and olive oil are what we call non foods. These foods take more energy out of your body system to break them down and utilise them than they actually provide. So if you are eating lots of packaged and processed foods your energy levels will soon fizzle out.
TIP: As a starting point, try reducing these by one meal a day until you are eating no more than one serving of bread, pasta, crackers, flour, and cake based foods each day.

3. React or Respond

We may not always be able to control how other people communicate or interact with us but we DO always have a choice as to how we take ownership of the situation and how we choose to respond! Here’s an example. You get into work and notice that your boss is in a terrible mood. He shouts at you for being late when in actual fact you arrived early and have been helping out in the office, he just didn’t notice. You can a) choose to react by shouting back, defending yourself or you can b) respond by calmly explaining where you have been. A) Will cause you to feel angry, upset and frustrated, basically stressed. Stress hormones will be released from the adrenal glands which kick start a myriad of physical symptoms. B) May be more challenging and come less naturally however this is the response which will allow you to remain, calm, peaceful and unaffected!

TIP: Next time someone riles you, choose; ‘am I going to react or respond?’ and note the differences.

To find out more about our FREE Stress & Hormone talks, Women’s Wellbeing Workshops and Private 1on1 Coaching email or call our clinic on 01242 254662.

Our Next FREE Stress & Hormones talk is on August 14th at Cheltenham Isbourne Centre, at 19:15. Booking is required.

Enjoy FREE 15 minute taster sessions at

Pure Body Balance  5 Regent St, Cheltenham, GL50 1HE

Enjoy holistic healing treatments

From our team of passionate and esteemed practitioners


Get informed with

Chinese Tongue Mapping – to reveal inner issues of health and well-being

Nutritional Fuel Mix Quiz – with top tips about energetic foods for winter

Postural Assessment – to pin-point muscular and joint pain


Re-balance with
Healing Reflexology – to revitalise energy levels


Indulge with:
Rejuvenating Hot Stone, Relaxing Hand or Neck Massage – to de-stress and unwind 

To top it all off we are giving away discount vouchers for all therapies and courses of treatment, free lifestyle analysis tips, recipe cards and festive handmade snacks! 

Well Woman Clinic – Digestive Health 

Thursday April 14th

6.00pm – 8.00pm

5 Regent St, Cheltenham

Join us for an evening of:

  • Fun demonstrations
  • ‘Free From’ nibbles
  • Engaging workshops

To help you understand and take control of your digestive health.

With special guest Marc Fowler from Riverford Organics


£5.00 entrance contribution

All profits will be donated to Vision 21

Be kind to the environment – bring a mug

(and a cushion if you want to get comfy!)



 Experience a ‘Free From’ tasting session with author of ‘The Digest Ease Cook Book & Lifestyle Plan’ Karen Maidment. Learn how to:

  • Identify the food Villians that cause digestive discomfort
  •  Quickly and easily create deliciously healthy snacks
  • Create sweet treats that are not naughty…just nice!



Learn to use Movement as Medicine from movement specialist  Adrian Stokes so that you can:

  • Free up diet-resulting colon stagnation
  • Improve bowel regularity
  • Improved Digestion and Detoxification through movement and breathing techniques
  • Fascilitate the natural body pump.



Attend a Traditional Acupuncture tongue profiling session with Five Element acupuncturist Kate Tenney and receive:

  • An introduction to Chinese dietary therapy and the five flavours
  • Chinese understanding of sugar cravings and how to manage them
  • Dietary advice to improve digestion based on your unique constitution














Pure body balance spent the weekend at The Organic Food Festival. The Organic Food Festival in Bristol is Europe’s largest showcase of all things organic, albeit noticeably smaller than last year’s festival. Now in its ninth successful year, the Festival demonstrates the growth of the organic movement and the increased recognition of the role organic production can play in creating a sustainable future. As you are well aware we at pure body balance are serious advocates of organic farming, foods and principles.







The Organic Food Festival gave displays of delicious organic food and drink, gorgeous skin care products, fabulous fashion, organic textiles, home design, tips on organic gardening (which was very valuable as we have just acquired  good sized plot of land ready for cultivating), and some old school dancing with a pint of organic cider in one hand. Or as I did, sit and watch the others get drunk and dance. The atmosphere was warm, friendly and vibrant, an excellent day out for the family.






The Organic Food Festival provided us with the chance of meeting producers face to face, and watching cooking demonstrations with the option of tasting the results. Today’s menu cooked by Gill Meller River Cottage’s Head Chef and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s right hand man, consisted of Brains, tongue, spleen and liver. Not everyone’s cup of tea but extremely tasty never the less and very interesting to see a master at work. We also got to sample street food from Bristol’s top chefs and if you had children you could introduce your children to special taste workshops designed just for them.
















The Organic Food Festival was organised by Dominic Phillips Event Marketing in association with the Soil Association. This meant that if you were a Soil Association Member, entrance to the festival was free!

If you have the chance next year, I strongly recommend going, it is a great day out for all.

Hello everyone, and welcome to our new blog page.

On a lovely Thursday evening, in July 2009, we held a launch night to celebrate the re-launch of our new health and performance clinic



The night was a real success and we were completely overwhelmed by the amount of support from those who attended. The atmosphere had a really warm and positive buzz, and the organic mocktails and smoothies went down a treat. By the way many of you have asked me for the recipes, I will post it on this blog very soon for you.


Kate and Mark Armstrong with Rebekah and Greg Dovey and Jonah Costello (2)








As the evening unfolded we enjoyed a very interesting talk from Mark Fowler at Riverford Organic Box Scheme, on the benefits of local organic produce, which I have to say is second to none. We also had a host of incredible prizes to give away from both ourselves and those donated by other holistic and organic businesses. Not to mention holistic lifestyle packs for everyone client, even those who unfortunately couldn’t attend. If you still haven’t received yours, please let us know as we have a few left.


Jackie Martin with Zoe Bawtree and Adrian Stokes








We had a great response and support from some of the local media too.


Nicky Timms with Marc Fowler - Riverford Organics, Christina Bumfrey and Rose Barden. (2)








We just want to say a big thank you to all those involved and to all of our clients and friends for attending. Thank you once again to all of our wonderful clients for their support and continued belief and dedication in both their own health and our mentoring.


Proprietor Karen Maidment with Christine Baker (4)












We hope you enjoy this new blog site and our new youtube channel.

This is another way for us to give back to all of you, with regularly updated, valuable leading scientific information to help build your health, wellbeing and fitness to the new levels of perfection.



Ruth Parr and Bobbie Maidment2

















In health, happiness and gratitude

The pure body balance team


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