We spend a huge amount of time focusing on the physical body, working out in the gym, watching what we eat and drinking plenty of water. But this is just one part of an intricately woven tapestry of health. As CHEK Practitioners we teach our clients how to create health in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body to truly reverse ill health and create a happy, healthy mindbody.
Have you noticed how much easier it is to make and stick to healthy choices when you are feeling positive, happy and calm? For instance after a relaxing week on a sunny holiday we often jump back into our healthy eating and workouts with vigour and enthusiasm! As Penelope Young Andrade, LCSW states in Emotional Medicine; “When you’re rejuvenated, it’s as if the clouds part, the sun comes out, and you can see clearly who you are and what you need to do to live a happy life. If scientists were to check your blood levels at these happy times they would undoubtedly discover that your cortisol (stress hormones) levels were low, your dopamine (happy hormones) levels high, your serotonin (mood managers) levels balanced.”


Part of the coaching we share with our clients incorporates simple step by step actions for creating happiness. It is remarkable the transformations you see in the physical body once the mental emotional bodies have been attended to.

If you are feeling doubtful, take a quick moment to focus on something that really makes you feel sad or scared, really sink into that feeling. Notice the physical changes in your breathing, posture, heartbeat, muscles and body temperature; do you believe me now!
Here are our favourite Get Happy Quick Tips!

One – Start as you mean to go on
Start your day with a positive affirmation, guided meditation or mantra. If you often wake up feeling instantly negative, try shifting your first thoughts of the day to something uplifting, happy and positive.
Two – Get out in nature
Come rain or shine being in nature is hugely uplifting, take a stomp across the hills, borrow a friend’s dog if you have no one to go with, or simply take yourself off for a peaceful, calming stroll through the fields.

Karen Chi-Stick

Karen enjoying Tai Chi at the foot hills of Mount Jura

Three – Birds of a feather fly together
Surround yourself with those who are happy, content and living their purpose. Use this as an inspiration to bring more of what you do want into your life and less of what you don’t.

Adrian Playing Drums

Adrian, performing with his band at Download Festival, UK


Four – Do more of what you love
Create time to connect with your creative passions be it music, art,

sport, cooking, crafts… It’s amazing how rejuvenated you feel after

doing something you really love!




Five – Build the Dream!
Get clear on what your dreams and goals are, and then use this as the inspiration to keep you motivated on a down day.

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